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Wanna flash mob somebody???

Cuz I do! A little inspiration from my alma mater:   &   Advertisements

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A Little Italy in Little Weaverville

The Saturday before last, Cara and I took an Italian cooking class taught by a born Northern Italian lady named Wally (pronounced Volly) Maria Mazzucco Wyatt.  The class was a birthday present to Cara from her mom.  Cara had the … Continue reading

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Nutella Buns warm up the party

Last Saturday, my girlfriend and I had a party.  I invited 10 people.  She invited 103.  Of course, not all of them showed up (thank god).  Instead, a manageable 30 people dropped in at various times throughout the evening. We … Continue reading

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Hi there!

Today I decided to finally begin that blog I’ve been debating on whether or not to start.  Why the debate?  Well, it seems like I’m not always good on the follow-through.  Oh sure, for  a while I can keep up … Continue reading

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