Hi there!

Today I decided to finally begin that blog I’ve been debating on whether or not to start.  Why the debate?  Well, it seems like I’m not always good on the follow-through.  Oh sure, for  a while I can keep up with things, write posts here and there, call family on a regular basis, and then . . . somethings happens.  Or rather, nothing.

So, a large reason for this blog is to get back into the practice of sticking with something for as long as it’s useful or makes sense.  And I figured that one of the best ways to stick with something is to find reasons to be inspired.  I’m not going to bore you with details, but let’s just say that my past record has not been so proving.  I have a tendency of giving up easily.  And for any prospective future employers, this blog reflects just one of my personas, so please disregard any reference to demotivation.

Yesterday I decided that in order to be motivated or inspired by something, I need to declare it first, and then I can open the doors for inspiration.   And, to allow myself to be inspired, I wrote this on my hand in the park today:

oh yeah

This blog is intended to inspire (if not you, then at least me).  I aim to cover anything or anyone that I find the least bit motivational or interesting.  Some days I might have to make something up.  See if you can tell what’s real and what’s not.  And let me know what inspires you!


About milyro10

I am a quiet adventurer. I love to explore. I like to write. My goal is to be inspired everyday. My other goal is to write about anything and anyone that inspires me throughout my day and share it with you. Possible topics: nutella buns, bouncy ball, my 97-year-old neighbor. I'm open to suggestions.
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2 Responses to Hi there!

  1. AMEN! I can totally relate. (ps. Excited to meet you in November!) -Kelly

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