Nutella Buns warm up the party

Last Saturday, my girlfriend and I had a party.  I invited 10 people.  She invited 103.  Of course, not all of them showed up (thank god).  Instead, a manageable 30 people dropped in at various times throughout the evening.

We cooked from 12:30 until 6pm in preparation of, at the time, who knows how many people.  Party people began arriving at 6:30pm and continued to arrive until midnight (even though our party was supposed to be from 6-10pm . . . oh Asheville).  It was great.  Firepit out back, started by Alex K, and chestnut roasting initiated by Noah W.

I picked out the food that Cara and I prepared earlier that day — Black Bean Chili and Nutella Cinnamon Buns.  That’s right.  And, because of our rushing about and last minute throwing together of first time recipes, I forgot to take pictures.

Luckily, we made 2 batches of nutella buns and sent a few friends home with them.  Bethany captured magic with her camera the next morning as she munched on a bun that she took to Clingman Cafe.  Here’s the afterglow:


I found the recipe in a new book I bumped into last week — This is a Cookbook: Recipes for Real Life by Max Sussman and Eli Sussman.  The book is inspiring because of how down-to-earth, easy to follow, and yummy the recipes are.  It makes me want to cook.  And maybe write a cookbook.  Maybe later.  I have a blog to keep up with.  You can check out their blog for more inspiration.

The Black Bean Chili recipe came from the editors of Cooks Illustrated.  Soups, Stews & Chilis.  I found some useful tips there like using mushrooms to add a meatiness and umami-ness to the texture and taste.  It called for toasting mustard seeds and cumin seeds = awesome.  Next time I’ll try roasting the red peppers instead of using raw ones.  And I’ll remember to serve cilantro with it — wah wah.  But hey, it was a hit.  I recommend the recipe.  Unfortunately, Cook’s Illustrated doesn’t let you look at this recipe online unless you’re a fancy member, so you have to go to your nearest bookstore and copy it by hand like I did 🙂  It’s worth it.

I hope this was inspiring to you.  If not, maybe next time.

What food/recipe is inspiring to you today?



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I am a quiet adventurer. I love to explore. I like to write. My goal is to be inspired everyday. My other goal is to write about anything and anyone that inspires me throughout my day and share it with you. Possible topics: nutella buns, bouncy ball, my 97-year-old neighbor. I'm open to suggestions.
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1 Response to Nutella Buns warm up the party

  1. I’m still inspired by those drippy-sweet nutty, doughy nutella buns. Oh, and just about anything you cook, Michelle. ❤ CS

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