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I am a quiet adventurer. I love to explore. I like to write. My goal is to be inspired everyday. My other goal is to write about anything and anyone that inspires me throughout my day and share it with you. Possible topics: nutella buns, bouncy ball, my 97-year-old neighbor. I'm open to suggestions.

“I write because it is dangerous, a bloody risk, like love, to form the words, to say the words, to touch the source, to be touched, to reveal how vulnerable we are, how transient.” – Terry Tempest Williams, “Why I … Continue reading

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Overall, it’s really just ok

I like it here. I walked in, nearly unwatched, and made my way through the maze of bookshelves, slants of floor and steps. Saw a table with an empty champagne bottle and four glasses, two unfinished, and I immediately drank … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve thoughts

I finally made it to Chris and Raeleen’s annual New Year’s Eve party this time, one that I’d been invited to for the past few years but never attended. The next morning, I was describing to Cara how we all … Continue reading

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Deliberate to Mediate to Motivate…

Motivation. Motivating ourselves.  Motivating others. How do we do it? My dad once told me that he knew what men were motivated by — money, supporting their families. He had a management position at Commercial Credit and Ford Motor Credit. … Continue reading

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Wanna flash mob somebody???

Cuz I do! A little inspiration from my alma mater:   &  

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A Little Italy in Little Weaverville

The Saturday before last, Cara and I took an Italian cooking class taught by a born Northern Italian lady named Wally (pronounced Volly) Maria Mazzucco Wyatt.  The class was a birthday present to Cara from her mom.  Cara had the … Continue reading

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Nutella Buns warm up the party

Last Saturday, my girlfriend and I had a party.  I invited 10 people.  She invited 103.  Of course, not all of them showed up (thank god).  Instead, a manageable 30 people dropped in at various times throughout the evening. We … Continue reading

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Hi there!

Today I decided to finally begin that blog I’ve been debating on whether or not to start.  Why the debate?  Well, it seems like I’m not always good on the follow-through.  Oh sure, for  a while I can keep up … Continue reading

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